Jail officials lukewarm to Talisayan property PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 April 2017 12:00


Jail officials seem lukewarm to having the jail facility transferred to a government-owned property in Talisayan.

This after an inspection conducted yesterday by jail and Zamboanga local government officials in the area.

In an interview with E-media, Jail Inspector Florito Anios expressed gratitude for the city government’s offer on the property but outlined reasons why they are having doubts that it will be an ideal site to house the new reformatory centre.

The six hectare property is located 200 meters from the highway and 150 meters from a public school.

Anios said that since the property is located several kilometers away from the city, it will be a security risk to transport detainees to their court hearings on a daily basis.

Anios also said that roads leading to the property are narrow, particularly the entrance to the property where a bus can hardly enter.

Furthermore, the property is said to be located relatively near to the Talisayan coast, a factor which can also be considered as a security risk.

The property also has a water table with a depth of 2.3 meters, making it more costly to accommodate a two-storey prison building.

Despite the drawbacks, Anios however said that the decision on whether to recommend the property to the national government for jail construction will still depend on the BJMP Regional Director who has yet to see the property offered by the Zamboanga local government.  (Liza Jocson)