Jeepney barker jailed for alleged rape PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 April 2017 12:02


A jeepney barker was jailed after his alleged lover accused him of molesting her last Monday night.

Armando, 46, however claimed that the alleged victim is his lover and that they have been indulging in private acts even before.

The suspect was conducted to the Divisoria Police Station by Putik Barangay Kagawad Godofredo Gutierrez following the complaint of Jenny, the alleged victim.

A police report disclosed that the incident happened while Jenny was having a drinking spree with Armando’s wife at the house of a neighbor, identified as Neri, at around 11am last Monday.

Jenny claimed that Armando took advantage of her that same evening after she fell asleep at Neri’s residence.

The incident was reportedly witnessed by Neri, who then called the couple’s attention.

The following day, the victim went to the Putik barangay office where the kagawad accompanied her to the police station to file a complaint.

The suspect insisted that he had not raped the victim as they were already lovers and indulging in illicit acts even before.

He said that Jenny might have been embarrassed after Neri caught them in the act of making love and had then cried rape to protect herself.

Despite Armando’s claims, police however are preparing Rape charges to be filed against him.  (Dan Toribio)