Two elderly women injured in duel PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 11:44


Two intoxicated elderly women were wounded after they engaged in a duel at their residence in barangay San Roque at dawn yesterday.

Wounded were Maria Fe Belvar, 56 and Lena Perez, 64, both residents of 3rd Street, San Roque.

The two women were reportedly having a drinking session inside the house owned by Belvar before the duel took place.

After consuming several bottles of intoxicating beverages, the two engaged in a heated argument.

Witnesses said that the two women grabbed their respective bolos and attacked each other resulting to wounds sustained by each.

It was not immediately known what sparked the duel between the two.

After the incident, relatives of both women did not immediately report the incident to the police.  Instead, they applied herbal medicine to the wounds sustained by the women.

A few hours later however, the children of the victims decided to report the incident to the barangay council who themselves reported to the police for investigation.  (Dan Toribio)