Ladjamatli on Dalipe's CONA claim: "Very bad" PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 April 2017 12:13

Former PDP Congressional candidate Abdulkarim Ladjamatli has denied claims by Second District Congressman Mannix Dalipe about taking the latter’s CONA to be able to run as PDP Congressional candidate during the 2016 elections.

“Very bad.  Very deceptive,” said Ladjamatli during an interview over E-media’s Combersa yesterday.

Ladjamatli said that PDP officials from Manila themselves came to Zamboanga for two times to convince him to run as Second District Representative.

“The first time I refused,”  Ladjamatli said.  He said that his children asked him not to join “this kind of politics.”

Ladjamatli however accepted the offer the second time the delegation came to visit him.

On reportedly using Dalipe’s Certificate of Nomination, Ladjamatli said that he could not have taken another person’s CONA since representatives from the PDP National Headquarters in Manila themselves personally delivered the document.

“PDP Secretary General Ben Arranque came to me to give the Certificate of Nomination,” said Ladjamatli.

He said that he went through all the requirements of being a PDP member including attending the Basic Membership Seminar.  (Liza Jocson)