Who is real PDP Zambo head? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 April 2017 17:16

Who is the real head of the local PDP party in Zamboanga city?

This is the question asked by political observers as three persons have been reported to lay claim to the title.

In separate interviews with E-media last Thursday, both PDP Mayoral candidate Albert Cajayon and District 2 Congressional Candidate Abdulkarim Ladjamatli claim to be the leader of the PDP local party in Zamboanga.

Cajayon, who lost during the election, said that the PDP party ran with the full slate but failed to name his running mate during the political exercise.

Cajayon identified himself as the City Chairman of the PDP party in Zamboanga.

Ladjamatli, on the other hand, identified himself as the recognized leader of the party in the local level.

“As far as the PDP Laban.. I am the President of Zamboanga city,” Ladjamatli said during the interview.

In a press release,  Former Councilor Mel Sadain was also identified as the PDP local party Chairman.

Sadain ran as Vice Mayor under the PDP party but lost to Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde.

The PDP party is set to undergo a local election of officers with the entry of First District Congressman Celso Lobregat and more than 800 other barangay officials after oath taking ceremonies last Wednesday.

The election is in preparation for a national convention of all party leaders.

It is not immediately known if Cajayon and Ladjamatli will participate in the election.

In the same interview, Cajayon said that he was not invited to attend the oath taking rites last Wednesday.  (Liza Jocson)