Bunguiao ma-son slay suspects face Murder charges PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 April 2017 13:48


The Regional Prosecutor in Ipil has ordered the filing of murder charges against six suspects in the killing of a mother and son in Bunguiao last December.

The six suspects are also facing charges of Obstruction of Justice for allegedly hiding evidence in connection to the incident.

Special Investigation Unit Chief Supt Felix Martinez said that initial charges of carnapping and murder filed against the suspects before the Prosecutor’s Office have been upgraded to Double Murder and Obstruction of Justice based on the resolution of the Regional Prosecutor in Ipil.

Affidavits from witnesses which were also submitted to the Prosecutor became basis for the resolution.

Martinez is waiting for the Warrant of Arrest to be issued by the Regional Trial Court against the six suspects charged in the resolution.

Martinez said that the warrants will be served to the suspects immediately.

The Bunguiao double murder case stemmed from the disappearance of Clodina Divinagracia and son Emim while travelling along the national highway last December.

Parts of the motorcycle belonging to Clodina were recovered inside a septic tank at a rest house in barangay Bunguiao.

Weeks later, the skeletal remains of Clodina and her son were exhumed in Boalan.  (Dan Toribio)