City Licensing reports increase in businesses PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 April 2017 14:07

The City Permits and Licensing Division has reported an increase in the number of businesses for the first quarter of this year.

Based on LIcensing records, there are 838 new businesses registered and 10,073 whose licenses were renewed

The number represents a significant increase compared to data last year which listed 186 new businesses and 5,277 renewals.

Most of the new businesses registered were retail and food establishments which cater to people’s basic needs.

Benjie Barredo, City Permits and Licensing Division Chief, attributed the increase to the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) implementation.

“This is a good effort from the city government.  We will continue this and we will still improve the BOSS every year,” Barredo said in an interview.

The BOSS is a system where all offices and agencies involved in business registration and renewal are housed under one roof.  (RGAAGo)