Bids Committee disqualifies tow truck supplier PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 April 2017 13:51

The Bids and Awards Committee has disqualified XJJ, the city government’s tow truck supplier, from participating in a bidding for heavy equipment.

Erwin Bernardo, Bids and Awards Committee Chairman, in an E-media interview said that XJJ was disqualified from participating in a bid for dump trucks.

Bernardo said that the reason for the disqualification was the company’s delivery of a tow truck which did not match the required specification in the bid document.

The tow truck was reportedly not accepted by the City General Services Office after it was delivered last October by the supplier.

Bernardo however said that the company was only disqualified from participating in the bidding for dump trucks and not blacklisted.

He clarified that the company would have to undergo due process before it can be entirely blacklisted as a bidding participant.

The recommendation to blacklist a bidding participant will have to come from the department that ordered the project or item which was opened for bidding.

The recommendation will then have to be discussed and reviewed by a committee headed by the City Mayor, Bernardo said.  (Liza Jocson)