Bomb attack foiled in Jolo, bomber nabbed PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 August 2011 17:16

Alert residents collared a suspected bomber who was about to detonate two powerful improvised explosive devices (IEDs) amind fruits stalls along Serantes Street, Jolo, Sulu last Saturday afternoon.

Western Mindanao Command spokesperson Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang identified the suspect as Gabby Ayyub y Hajihil, 28, married, of Kasulutan Village, Jolo.

Cabangbang said that Ayyub was about to detonate two bottles of IED when stall owners and passersby spotted him.
Ayyub was seized by the stall owners and passersby and prevented him from exploding the homemade bombs.
Ayyub was turned over to the Jolo police while the two recovered IEDs were forwarded to a bomb disposable team.

Cabangbang added that the two IEDs have complete bomb components like blasting caps and time fuse.
Jolo police were still trying to determine which group is behind the foiled bomb attack.

Ayyub was detained at the Jolo Municipal Police Station pending the filing of charges against him in court.
Meanwhile , a concerned citizen and the military’s quick response prevented what could have been a bloody Saturday in Tacurong City when he became suspicious of a yellow sack left unattended at a terminal and alerted the Army.

Col.  Prudencio Asto, spokesperson of the 6th Infantry Division, quoting a report from the military-led Task Force Talakudong, said the sack contained a powerful improvised explosive device with mobile phone as its trigger mechanism.

He said the explosive was discovered and defused by Army bomb experts shortly after noon at a road leading to the Tacurong City bus terminal.
A certain Rolly (his family name was withheld for security reason) saw a man disembarked from multi-cab passenger jeep carrying a yellow sack.

He noticed the man left but did not carry the sack triggering suspicion on the part of Rolly. He then alerted the Army by phone.
Bomb experts investigation showed the IEDs were fashioned from 81 mm mortar, a nine-volt battery and a mobile phone serving as trigger mechanism.

The mortars, which authorities said were rusting, were turned over to Army Explosive and Ordinance Division for proper disposition.
Authorities believed the foiled bombing attempt could be the handiwork of the group of Basit Usman, a foreign trained bomber and had links with the regional terror group Jemaah Islamiya.

The foiled bombing attempt came hours after a suspected bomb carrier was blasted to death in a pre-mature explosion of an IED he was carrying in Kidapawan City.
At about dawn on Friday, the suspected bomber and his companion were standing at roadside in Barangay Patadon when a speeding car with glaring headlights passed by.

This prompted the two to hide behind a tree. It was then that the explosive went off prematurely.
Two weeks ago, one was killed while about 10 others were hurt when a motorcycle bomb went off in front of gun store in Cotabato City.

Asto said the IEDs, those that were detonated and those recovered by bomb experts have the “signatures” of regional terror groups. — Dan Toribio Jr.