Star Witness extorts from Abu Sayyaf Print
Monday, 01 May 2017 16:59

A star witness used by police to arrest Abu Sayyaf members is now in hot water after he was caught in the act of extorting money from the family of an Abu Sayyaf suspect during an entrapment operation.

A Police Regional Office-9 report identified the suspect as Faisal Benasing, 35 years old and a resident of Barangay Mariki.

Benasing was reportedly arrested in an entrapment operation while in the act of extorting money from the family of arrested Abu Sayyaf suspect, Murad Araha Jalali.

According to the report, Benasing was placed under the Witness Protection Program after being utilized by authorities to identify ASG members involved in the 2001 Tairan Kidnapping incident in Basilan province.

In the investigation on Jalali, Benasing however refused to sign the affidavit that would identify Jalali as an Abu Sayyaf suspect.

Authorities later learned that Benasing has been extorting money in the amount of P30,000 from the family of the ASG member in exchange for not signing the document.

Jalali’s family was reportedly able to pay an initial amount of P10,000 and another P4,000 last April 28.

The following day, the family paid P10,000 after Benasing continued to demand the entire amount.

That same afternoon, Intel operatives were able to arrest the subject in an entrapment operation in another scheduled payoff at P. Lorenzo Street.

Police were able to recover marked money, one unit cellular phone and a pawnshop receipt.

Police are preparing appropriate charges against the suspect in court.  (LAJ)