Informant receives P1-M after ops vs Misaya Print
Sunday, 07 May 2017 18:05

Headquarters Western Mindanao Command, Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City- May 5, 2017

An informant, who tipped the Marines in the offensives launched by the Joint Task Force Sulu against AlhabsyMisaya, has received a reward of Php 1 million from a group of Suluanos after the notorious sub-commander was neutralized by the military in Sulu.

In a turnover held at the Headquarters of the Western Mindanao Command in Calarian, Zamboanga City at 4pm yesterday (May 5), Lieutenant General Carlito G. Galvez, Jr., Commander of the WestMinCom, handed over Php 1 million reward to the informant, whose identity will not be disclosed, for tipping the engaged soldiers of the Philippine Marines under the Joint Task Force Sulu (JTF Sulu) leading to the death of Misaya in Barangay Silangkan, Indanan, Sulu on April 29, 2017.

“A reward was voluntarily generated by concerned individuals from Sulu who were elated of the confirmation by the JTF Sulu of Misaya’s death,” says Lieutenant General Carlito G Galvez, Jr, Commander of the Western Mindanao Command.

“The group who requested that their identity be kept anonymous, wish to recognize the assistance extended by the informant to the Government troops as well as encourage other residents of Sulu to do the same,” added Lieutenant General Galvez.

Also witnessing the turnover is Brigadier General Sobejana; and the Commander of the Philippine Marines Ready Force (PMRF), Colonel Antonio V Rosario Jr.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the people of Sulu in helping us neutralize a high value target,” says Brigadier General CirilitoSobejana, Commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu. “We also would like to recognize the generosity of certain individuals who generated funds for the reward. It is obvious that majority of the Suluanons already wish to have a peacful and progressive Province.”

Rear Admiral Rene V. Medina AFP, Commander, Naval Forces Western Mindanao who was also present during the turn over said, “These achievements wouldn’t have been possible if not for the cooperation between the local government and the Fleet-Marine Team in Sulu. On our part, we will continue these efforts until they all surrender so we can finally put an end to these lawless activities in this area.”

A bomb expert himself, Misaya was involved in the following celebrated incidents/cases: the Oct 2002 Malagutay bombing that killed US serviceman Sgt Mark JACKSON and the wounding of 23 others including another US serviceman; the Jan 2009 bombing of the Salaam Bridge in BrgyBato-Bato, Indanan, Sulu; the Jul 2010 abduction of Japanese Amer Katayama Mamaito, a herbalist & treasure hunter in BrgyBangkilay, Pangutaran, Sulu; the Mar 2011 bombing of Dennis Coffee Shop at vicBrgy San Raymundo, Jolo, Sulu which killed four (4) civilians and wounded 11 others; the Nov 2012 abduction of Malaysians Tung Wee Jie and Tung Wee Wei at vicTungko, Sabah; and the Feb 2014 abduction of Sugar Dianne Esperanza Buenviaje in BrgyLiyubud, Mapun, Tawi-Tawi.

“Misaya is one of the targets the AFP and PNP had been seriously working on for the past years since the start of his notoriety,” Lt Gen Galvez adds.

“The information disclosed by the informant was crucial in the execution of the combat operation launched by the elements of the Philippine Marines Ready Force - Sulu against the Abu Sayyaf Group, leading to the death of Misaya, who is projected as the next potential leader of the Abu Sayyaf.”

“More than anything, i personally thank the asset for the information he has given and for risking his life. This gesture is truly a manifestation of his love for his home Province, Sulu and his intent of helping the place be free from the terror brought about by the Abu Sayyaf.”

“We encourage other members of the community to report whereabouts of the remaining Abu Sayyaf members. We can surely win this fight against terror especially that we have newfound supporters who are willing to reward those who will help in this fight,” LTGen Galvez said.

AlhabsyMisaya @Alex/Alhabsy Farad, AFP listed Indanan-based ASG sub-leader, was a native of BrgyBunot, Indanan, Sulu who led a series of high profile high-seas and cross border kidnappings of foreign nationals. The last kidnapping he and his group perpetrated was the kidnapping of Vietnamese crewmen from MV Royal 16 in November 2016 at vicinity Sibago Island, Basilan.

The group of Misaya is believed to be affiliated with ASG-Daesh inspired group of ASGL Sawadjaan and Abu Rami. #END#