Couple escapes death in Mampang strafing Print
Sunday, 07 May 2017 18:06


A couple cheated death after escaping a rain of bullets on their house in Mampang last Friday night.

Tetuan Police Station Commander Supt Nonito Asdai identified the couple as Niña Manuel Berdon, 34 years old and her live-in partner, Noel Faustino Abragan.

Investigation showed that the couple was inside their home when they noticed the presence of unidentified men hiding in a dark area outside their house.

Minutes later, Abragan and Berdon heard successive gunfire shots which prompted them to drop on the ground.

The suspects fled on foot after the incident.

No one was reported hurt.

Tetuan Police personnel recovered five fired cartridges of a .45 caliber pistol outside the house and two deformed slugs of a .45 caliber pistol inside the kitchen.

The cartridges and slugs were turned over to the PNP Crime Laboratory for examination.  (Dan Toribio)