Man hacked in Cawit Print
Monday, 08 May 2017 13:57

A 55-year old man was hacked during a drinking session in barangay Cawit last Saturday.

The victim was identified as Orlando Alvarez y Teofilo, married and a resident of Zone 5A, Cawit.

The suspect was identified as Jerry Alba y Daquel, 28 years old and resident of Cawit.

According to an investigation conducted by the Ayala Police Station, the victim together with four other companions were having a drinking session at the house of the suspect when the latter entered into an argument with his father.

The argument, which erupted into a fist fight, led the suspect to grab a bolo and try to hit his father.

The victim tried to pacify the warring duo but got hit by the bolo.

The victim was rushed to a lying in clinic after sustaining hack wounds on his left arm and right ear.

He was later brought to a government hospital for further treatment.

The suspect was detained pending the filing of charges in court. (LAJ)