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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 14:23

A multi-sectoral organization composed of Muslim stakeholders from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao lauded President Nynoy Aquino for his national reform initiatives, particularly for the autonomous region which will boot out hopelessness and eventually establish true peace and progress for Mindanao.

People’s Reform Onward-ARMM (PRO-ARMM), a non-government organization,  with  active members representing various groups from all over the region, has pledged to support Aquino’s reform agenda including the postponement of the ARMM elections to pave way to institute the needed change and long-denied progress of its constituents, brought about by too much politics and leadership crisis.

The affair led by PRO-ARMM, with the theme: Peace, Progress Though Reform, was in cooperation with The Royal Heritage Foundation.
Abdulbasit A. Jauhari, lead convener and PRO-ARMM chairman, said the failure of ARMM the past 20 years was due to the lack of sincerity of the leaders themselves to practice good governance and public accountability.

“The president knew very well about the situation of ARMM that’s why he acted decisively and without hesitation to defer the ARMM polls to first ‘clean the house’ and prepare the next free and democratic election in 2013, thus give justice to the people,” Jauhari, an experienced agriculturist, pointed out.

During the Islamic leaders’ forum and press briefing before the ‘’Iftar” or ‘’Pagbukah’’ held at Amil’s Tower Hotel August 12, Jauhari said President Aquino wanted to lay the good foundation to determine what good leadership should possess which are as follows: transparency in governance, accountability to the people and people’s participation in running the affairs of government.

Above all, Jauhari stressed that respect for the rule of law in order to be able to reform the autonomous region is paramount. In support to the present administration, Jauhari said ARMM leaders should set the example by not abusing their power and authority to oppress the poor and marginalized sectors; in doing so, graft and corruption will be eradicated in our midst.

The present administration is on the right track in pursuing electoral reforms so that true democracy will reign in our islands by changing what has become a common culture of mal-practices and getting rid with centuries-old and out-dated money politics as well as partisan politics, said the group.
The need to reform must be embarked through a united front to increase social awareness and eliminate the abuse of the environment by those in power, according to Jauhari.

“If the people are contented and their human rights are protected, local government thru the help of stakeholders, genuine peace and progress will be realized thus, the instruments of democratic institutions in addressing the Mindanao conflict will be made available,” Jauhari, who came from UP’s College of Bachelor Science in Agricultural Business (BSAB), emphasized.

PRO-ARMM, he said, is aimed to fully contribute to the attainment of peace and development for ARMM and its constituents, who are mostly disillusioned with the present conditions.

Jauhari said that as advocates of the environment, as well, they will help the national leadership in its environmental protection and conservation programs.
“God-given wealth that we are mandated to preserve and protect must be given focus, side by side with reforming the system and management of governance, both institutional and administrative, a reform that will address poverty situation, generate employment, develop agri-business opportunities and industries in ARMM, improve the lives of people and raise their dignity as a persons in a civilized society,” he said.

Present during the forum were Datu Teruna Kiram, Radja Muda, the official crowned prince of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam, who also vowed to support the reform program of the President.

Ismael Ancheta, vice-chair Pro-ARMM representing the fishermen/farmers sector, committed to support national government’s reform efforts, which he believed will help access livelihood development; Samer Ali- farmers group in Lanao provinces, Salamuddin B. Lucman, Marawi City; Engr. Cecilio M. Sam, farmers/developer project and contractor in Maguindanao/Central Mindanao concurred with Ancheta.

Meanwhile,  Saida Bahidjan, who comes from the women sector of the Bangsamoro Women’s League  (BWL), expressed concern for the preservation of the family rights and solidarity and welfare, which is essential in the reform initiatives while Abdulmuezz S. Jauhari- (Youth sector) likewise, lauded President Aquino in his commitment  to restore the peace initiative that is transparent and participatory.

From the religious group, Ustadz Abdulbasit Amilhassan, said leadership must be founded on the moral integrity of leaders and in every act of performing their mandate must all invoke divine guidance and prayers in order to succeed while.

Tirso Tahir, liaison officer of the business sector in Tawi-Tawi, gave focus on giving conducive and fair atmosphere and opportunity to business and commerce by assisting them in propelling economic growth and development in order to stop illegal business transactions like smuggling and underground economy.

Dr. Abubakar Mohammad, who represented the academe, took time out at praising the president in his intention to institute the much needed change and reform which are pre-requisites to good government and as ingredients to better the lives of the ARMM constituents.

Also present were P/Sr. Supt. Jul-asmad K. Hadjula, Former Basilan Provincial Director who discussed on security, peace-keeping and law and order; Bai Shaida B. Lucman of the Muslim- Christian and Indigenous Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative based in Liguasan Marsh, Gen. S.K. Pendatun, Maguindanao (cooperativism/livelihood), PRO-ARMM Vice-Chairman Haj. Aldeen Amenullah, representative of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for Region- 7 and Zambopen and Basulta areas, was also in attendance as the affairs’ master of ceremonies.

The attendees signed a manifesto addressed to President Aquino expressing their overwhelming support for his reform initiative. — faber_concepcion2004