Three killed as ASG retaliates Print
Monday, 15 May 2017 10:35

Three persons were killed when members of the Abu Sayyaf group retaliated against suspected military informants in Sulu.

The three victims were identified as Mannan Hamidi, Al-Hapid Hamidi and Immok Hajani.

Another victim, Julasan Abuhassan was wounded.  All are residents of Barangay Upper Kamuntayan Talipao Sulu.

According to police reports,the four were fired upon by unidentified Abu Sayyaf gunmen led by a certain Al Arod.

The incident happened at Sitio Jati, Barangay Kandayok Panamao Sulu at around 10:30am last Saturday.

Police believes that the Abu Sayyaf shot the victims as a form of retaliation for the latter’s support to government troops in the area.  (LAJ)