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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 11:05

In the continuing effort to totally neutralize the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) within six (6) months, an ASG/KFRG member was nabbed by the Joint Task Force Tawi-tawi (JTF Tawi-tawi) past noon time yesterday (May 13, 2017).

Marine Battalion Landing Team 10 members nabbed a certain SahidulBandhalaJikiria.k.aIdul/JamiriSaidul/SaidulIdul/JikiriSaidul, a resident of BrgySipangkot, Sitangkai, Tawi-tawi after subject was pointed out by residents to be a member of the ASG/KFRG operating in the area.

“MBLT10 troops were having a “pulong-pulong” among the local populace of Sipangkot when the information on the identity of Jikiri was voluntereed by one of the concerned residents,” says Brigadier General CustodioParcon, Commander of the Joint Task Force Tawi-tawi.

“In coordination with the PNP, we immediately invited Jikiri for interview. In the course of questioning, Jikiri confessed to be an ASG/KFRG member under ASG/KFRG sub leaders IdangSusukan and SihataLatip, whose groups are operating in Sulu Province,” BGen Parcon adds.

The subject also revealed that he is often contacted by other ASG/KFRG sub leaders Abraham Hamid, SalipSusung, Nixon Muktadil and Brown Muktadil when crafting plans for kidnapping and cross-border seajacking, targeting mostly foreign nationals and vessels.

He also has affiliations with other ASGs such as the Raden Abu group and Alden Bagade group, acting as an errand man in procuring speedboats and other requirements needed to support kidnapping activities.

“Jikiri revealed that the sub leaders will pay him for every errand they ask him to do for them,” adds BGen Parcon.

“He also gets a part of the money every time family of kidnap victims pay ransom in exchange for their release.

“ As of press time, Jikiri is still in the custody of the Tawi-tawi PNP while documentation and filing of appropriate charges are being processed.

“This is a very good example of a community that is united in fighting the Abu Sayyaf,” adds BGen Parcon.

“We urge other towns and communities all over the BaSulTa area to do the same, so that the Abu Sayyaf and their supporters will be forced to surrender.”

The people of Tawi-tawi have been actively showing support to the government’s effort to stop and totally eradicate the Abu Sayyaf. Just a month ago, eleven (11) Abu Sayyaf bandits surrendered as a group to the Joint Task Force Tawi-tawi and turned-over seven (7) highpowered firearms.

As of this report, 18 Abu Sayyaf were apprehended all over the WestMinCom area while, 48 surrendered and 56 were killed.