Government supplier of medicines using fake docs Print
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:31


A supplier of medicines for the Zamboanga local government is facing charges of Falsification of Public Documents after allegedly using fake documents to participate in bidding programs of the local Bids and Awards Committee (BAC.)

BAC Chairman Erwin Bernardo confirmed the incident, referring to it as an abusive act and  the first time that such a blatant disregard of government rules was committed by a government supplier.

The issue was exposed after an anonymous source gave RMN Zamboanga a copy of a complaint lodged by medicine suppliers about alleged fake documents submitted by the subject supplier to the BAC.

Based on the complaint dated February 27 this year, the erring supplier was said to have submitted to the BAC fake tax clearances, as part of requirements to be able to participate in bidding.

The bidder was said to have won contracts to supply medicines and other medical and dental supplies the last of which is the contract to supply medicines and medical and dental supplies during the 4th quarter biddings of the local government.

Upon verification, the supplier has not reportedly been issued a valid tax clearance by the Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division, formerly known as the Collection Enforcement Division of the Bureau of Internal Revenue office based in Quezon City, as required by Executive Order 398.

It was also discovered that the same supplier has never been a holder of a valid tax clearance since January 2015.

Thus, it can be concluded that the supplier has been using falsified tax clearance documents since the time that it joined bidding for services and products for the local government.

A valid tax clearance from the BIR is one of the legal documents required during the post qualification of bids.  Failure to submit the same within the non-extendible time of three days disqualifies the bid.

In an exclusive interview with RMN Zamboanga, BAC Chairman and City Assessor Erwin Bernardo confirmed the report, saying that they are now communicating with the BIR-national office Collection Enforcement Division.

“I have already written the BIR national office to check on the veracity of the alleged fake tax clearance used by this winning bidder.  As of the moment, I am waiting for the response from the Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division of the BIR in Manila,” Bernardo said.

He said that he is now referring the matter to the City Legal Office for appropriate action.  (Bhong Simbajon/ RMN News)