Celso Intervenes in Barangay access road construction Print
Thursday, 18 May 2017 11:13


House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Highways Chairman and District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat recently met with officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways Regional office to discuss the connectivity of Barangay roads and the newly-constructed by-pass road which connects the east and west coast of the city.

In a local radio interview, Congressman Lobregat said that he already discussed the matter about the connectivity of the access roads which were affected by the road opening and construction of the by-pass road wherein it became the prime concern of the local residents especially during rainy season wherein the demolished portions of the barangay road become slippery and causes vehicular accidents.

Committee on Infrastructure Chairman Jimmy Villaflores passed a resolution during the regular session of the city council urging DPWH to give clarifications as to whose concern is the reconstruction of the demolished barangay road networks where the by-pass road crosses.

Congressman Lobregat clarified that in his coordinating conference with the DPWH officials, there is a provision that the same department will appropriate the necessary funds for the reconstruction of the affected portions of the barangay road.

The solon said that it is included in the plans and estimates of the DPWH, the construction of at least 10meters access road which will connect the existing barangay road to the by-pass road.

“There is nothing to worry about this issue, DPWH has assured that it is included in the program of work, the access roads of the affected barangay roads will be re-blocked,” Lobregat said.

DPWH Project Engineer Artemio Marcera revealed that the plans and estimates for the re-blocking of the barangay roads affected in the construction of the by-pass road is already prepared by his office, wherein they have estimated a buffer of 10 to 30 meters per barangay road depending in the condition of the slope and gravity of the existing road networks.

Marcera said that the re-blocking of the affected barangay roads will be done as soon as the total stretch of the by-pass road is completed and all the affected access roads are already properly accounted for. He said that DPWH has sufficient funds for the said purpose. – Dexter Yap