Man kills son’s homosexual lover PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 May 2017 11:14


A man staged a suicide incident for his son’s homosexual lover in a reported attempt to cover up a murder he himself committed against the victim.

This was the scenario police uncovered in Tetuan after arresting a certain Ronigine Salvador, a resident of Balan Drive in Tetuan.

Salvador was accused of killing 22-year old Ericson Amit y Lumawag, a resident of Tugbungan who is allegedly the homosexual lover of Salvador’s 17-year old son.

According to reports, Tetuan police received information last Monday that Amit had hanged himself inside Salvador’s house and was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Police conducted an ocular inspection at the house of Salvador where Amit allegedly committed the suicide by hanging himself but became suspicious when they could not find the rope that Amit used in the suicide.

Last Tuesday, a witness appeared at the Tetuan Police Station and reported that he personally saw Salvador killing Amit by strangulation.

The witness, a beautician, reportedly went to the house of Salvador the day of the incident and was shocked to see Salvador attacking Amit.

The witness, who said that he was threatened by Salvador to keep quiet, fled and left the house out of fear.

Police are currently preparing a murder case against Salvador based on the witness testimony.  (Dan Toribio)