Zambo designers shine today Print
Saturday, 20 May 2017 15:54

The summer festival turns the spotlight on local designers as the much-anticipated Bellas y Flores festival kicks off today, May 20.

Eight local designers will be competing in this year’s gown design competition, pitching in designs that showcase their craftsmanship and creativity while incorporating features and components that harken to the festival’s theme of ‘Los Elementos’.

The festival will begin in a shower of color and glamour with a parade set at 4 PM from Climaco Avenue (fronting Fire Station) to Centro Latino at Paseo del Mar for the program and presentation proper.

Participating designers will be vying for top prizes in three distinct categories – the best gown design, the most outstanding arco, and the prettiest señorita.

One of the most awaited activities for summer, the Bellas y Flores festival pays homage to the Santacruzan tradition, and provides upcoming and established designers with a platform to create and showcase their skills and vision.

Designs will be judged according to craftsmanship, design and concept, aesthetic appeal, and impact.

This year’s Bellas y Flores festival is slated to be one of the culminating activities of the Summer Festival 2017, along with the Danza Verano on May 27. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)