Alavar asks COA to investigate fire truck Print
Thursday, 25 May 2017 11:10

Councilor Miguel Alavar is asking the Commission on Audit to investigate the delivery of a tow truck with the wrong specifications.

The proposal was made in the form of a resolution which was disapproved by fellow councilors during the regular session last Tuesday.

Alavar said that the investigation should center on the discrepancy between the specifications in bidding documents which were not met when the actual equipment was delivered.

Dr. Elmier Apolinario, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, is asking the City Council to accept the tow truck despite having delivered with a problem on its specifications.

Apolinario said that the tow truck will be used for emergency purposes and not for traffic despite an existing congestion problem in city streets.

Alavar questioned why the tow truck cannot be used in ordinary traffic accidents citing the recent accident involving the Ford Ranger security vehicle of the City Mayor.

The vehicle had to be pulled up from a ravine where it fell by a military truck due to the absence of a towing vehicle. (LAJ)