Security guard stabs woman Print
Friday, 26 May 2017 10:46

A security guard allegedly stabbed and wounded a 29-year old woman in Tetuan at dawn last Wednesday.

The victim was identified as Evelyn Musa y Batange, 29-years old, single and a resident of Chimang Tugbungan.

The suspect was identified as Celso Danngod y Manayon, 42 years old, single, a security guard at EGG Security Agency detailed at the Asia Academic Elementary School.

According to investigation, the incident happened along Alfaro Street at around 2am last Monday.

Tetuan Police Station personnel conducted a follow up operation which resulted to the arrest of the suspect at his work place.

Police recovered a bladed weapon measuring about 3.5 inches and his issued revolver with four bullets inside the cylinder.

The suspect was detained at the Tetuan Police Station pending the filing of charges in court.  (Dan Toribio)