2 BPATs injured in Basilan explosion Print
Friday, 26 May 2017 15:10


Two BPAT members were injured in an explosion reportedly perpetrated by the Abu Sayyaf in barangay Kaili, Al Barka Basilan last Wednesday.

The two victims, identified as Bhuts Awal and Asrap Ahung, were brought to a Zamboanga hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The two sustained shrapnel wounds.  Awal’s left hand was amputated.

Abdulkadir Arabain, Kaili Barangay Chairman, said that the BPAT organization was having a meeting with the Police and barangay officials when a loud explosion occurred.

Awal and Ahung dropped to the ground, injured.

Military troops conducted pursuit operations and ended up engaging the Abu Sayyaf suspects in a firefight.

One of the ASG bandits was reportedly killed in the encounter.  (Dan Toribio)