Ten armed men spotted in Curuan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 May 2017 15:50


Ten armed men carrying two wounded comrades were spotted crossing a river in Sitio Sapa Manok, Curuan last Thursday night.

The men were believed to be lawless elements escaping from operations launched by authorities in island provinces.

Curuan Barangay Chairman Noel Perez, who confirmed the presence of the men during the Straight to the Point program over RMN, said that he received the report from residents who saw the men in the area.

A rubber plantation worker hid behind bushes and reported the incident to the barangay council.

Two men from the group are reported to have been wounded.

Before the men were sighted, a truck was also reported to have arrived in the interior portion of Sitio Sapa Manok and was later spotted leaving the area.

Meanwhile, Curuan barangay tanods who responded to the incident reported signs of people in the vicinity.

Recall that Abu Sayyaf members have been reported to set up a camp in Sitio Niyog-niyog in Muti, just a few kilometers from Curuan.  (Dan Toribio)