Retired General’s brod killed in Tumaga fire PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 13:08


The brother of a retired police general perished in a fire after he was trapped inside their burning house in Tumaga last Monday.

District Fire Marshall F/Chief Inspector Clint Cha identified the fatality as  Abdurasad Jubail, 69 years old, and older brother of Retired Police Chief Supt Julmunier Jubail.  His body was retrieved yesterday morning.

Fire investigators disclosed that the flames started at the second floor of Jubail’s residence past 5pm and rapidly spread on to the other rooms of the house.

The Retired Police General told newsmen that he, his brother Abdurasad and other members of the family were inside their house when flames started engulfing the second floor.

Some members of the family were already outside their house when they realized that Abdurasad was left inside his room at the second floor.

The retired police official tried to go back to rescue his brother but he failed to do so after being prevented by huge flames which caused burns in his body.

Jubail said that he rushed out and helplessly watched as their house became engulfed by flames.

The house of SFO4 Jimmy Pioquinto, located beside Jubail’s residence, was also razed by fire.

Cha said that the fire, which reached the third alarm, started at around 5:35pm and lasted until 6pm.

Fire investigators attributed the blaze to faulty electrical wiring.

The BFP estimated damages at P5-million. (Dan Toribio)