MNLF arrive in Talon Talon Print
Thursday, 01 June 2017 14:04


Authorities intercepted a group of MNLF members in Talon Talon who were on their way to Isabela city to attend a family gathering.

The MNLF members came from Maguindanao province aboard an L-300 van and passed strict inspection at the east coast checkpoint before arriving at the house of Sharif Abdurasan Hugasan, MNLF Coordinator General.

Tetuan Police Station Commander Supt Nonito Asdai and Councilor Teodyver Arquiza documented the arrival of the 11 MNLF members whose group includes 4 children at around 3pm last Monday.

The two officials accompanied the group to Hugasan’s house and had a dialogue with Gen. Hiji Bensaleh P. Sharifah, Vice Chief of Staff.

Sharifa said that the group is scheduled to attend a family gathering in Isabela last Tuesday and will depart for Maguindanao the following day.

The members of the group were identified as Gabriel N. Salibangsa, Director for Economics, Business and Development; Abdelramir L. Isa, National Comptroller; Macapoli U. Parael, Deputy Director, CMO; Zubaide P. Sharifah, Director, Aide de Camp for Budget and Finance; Omar B. Bacayan, staff; Alex Krishna G. Bete, staff member; Edgar Bete Sr., Regional Director Equipment and Maintenance- Caraga; Sampang Boga and Mohammad Kiblaw P. Sharifah.

The identities of the four children have been withheld.  (Dan Toribio)