Illegal collector surfaces, confirm market anomalies Print
Thursday, 01 June 2017 14:06

Amid denials of the city government regarding illegal collections at the city public market, an alleged illegal market collector surfaced at a City Council dialogue last Tuesday and confirmed his involvement in reported irregularities.

Escorted by police operatives, a certain Kennedy Taup entered the City Council session hall with five years worth of anomalous secrets up his sleeve.

Taup identified himself as a private person assisting a traffic aide in the issuance of parking tickets and other errands, one of which is using the tickets to collect fees from illegal structures inside the public market.

Taup confirmed remitting the collections to certain personalities inside the public market who he refused to name.

The market collector however implicated Oscar Inocente and Rommel Apolinario, employees of the City Treasurer’s Office who were put in charge of collections from stall owners and who reportedly has knowledge about Taup’s dealings.

Despite Taup’s revelations, City Administrator Mary Angelique Go and Market Supervisor Nathaniel Asuncion reiterated that no illegal collections were being done at the public market.

Temporary market stall owners then presented tickets they have received from Taup and pointed to the latter as the one collecting from them.

The tickets shown by the temporary stall owners were parking tickets mentioned by Taup and not official collection receipts issued by the City Treasurer’s Office.

City Treasurer’s Office Officer in Charge Carmelita Candido denied knowledge of Taup’s activities saying that such was the first time she saw Taup.

Candido said that her office followed a prior recommendation by the City Legal Office not to collect any amount from temporary stall vendors to prevent them from legitimizing their stay.

Councilor Cesar Jimenez, Chairman of the Committe on Ordinances and Resolutions and proponent of the dialogue, disallowed Taup from being questioned by other members of the august body to avoid possible incrimination of other persons.

He instead proposed that the matter be referred to the National Bureau of Investigation to make the necessary recommendations on the issue.  (Bhong Simbajon)