Air Force member catches wife with Army man Print
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 11:23

By Dan Toribio

An Army personnel and a female employee of the city government face Adultery charges after being caught by the latter's husband inside a motel room along Atilano Street Tetuan last Monday.

Tetuan Police Station Commander Supt Nonito Asdai said that both the woman and her alleged paramour are now detained at the police station pending the decision of the husband to file charges.

Initial investigation showed that the woman's husband tailed his wife, Marry (not her real name) as she left home that day.

The husband rushed to the police station after seeing Marry enter the motel together with her alleged lover.

Policemen meanwhile accompanied the husband to the motel where they caught the couple inside one of the rooms.

Police arrested the couple and brought them to the Tetuan Police Station.

Police said that based on the evidence, both can be charged with Adultery.

Police however are still waiting for the husband's decision on whether to file charges against the duo.

Marry also faces administrative sanctions as a city government employee.  (Dan Toribio)