Jimenez: City Admin created "monster" in public market PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 June 2017 18:45


A City Councilor has accused the City Administrator of creating a “monster” inside the main public market which is now causing a major headache to the Climaco administration.

Committee on Ordinances and Resolutions Chairman Cesar Jimenez is referring to alleged illegal collections from at least 500 illegal vendors occupying structures inside the public market, the subject of a week-long tirade in media reports.

In an interview with RMN, Jimenez also mentioned an “unseen hand” tolerating and benefiting from alleged illegal collections inside the public market at the expense of the local government.

The city dad said that if City Administration officials have a “rat in their chest,” then they have no place in managing the affairs of the market.

“If the market officials cannot do their job, let somebody who has the guts to do it take care of the matter.  We can not tolerate irregularities to continue in a government institution just like that,”  Jimenez said.

Jimenez also criticized the use of Section 14 of the Market code to justify illegal collections.

It was the City Administrator who tolerated and gave false hope to these vendors to stay where they are even though there are already impediments in the legality of their stay in the area.

JImenez said that he is sending a message o the City Administrator that he is not in favor of amending the existing law.  (Bhong Simbajon)