Beng convenes Mindanao bloc to tackle peace talks PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:08

House Deputy Speaker for Mindanao Beng Climaco convened Mindanao congressmen or the so-called Mindanao bloc in the House of Representatives in a meeting last night to discuss issues affecting the island specifically the renewed peace talks.

Issues concerning inclusion of funds for Mindanao projects in proposed 2012 Executive Budget or General Appropriations Act (GAA) which is now undergoing review in the House of Representatives also topped the agenda of the meeting held in Manila last night.

Cong. Climaco of District I initiated the meeting to gather the sentiments of the members of the Mindanao bloc and to come up with possible steps or measures to ensure that the interest of Mindanao is amply protected and pursued.

The lady solon, who was one of the Mindanao leaders who fought for the interest of Mindanao at the height of the MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain) in 2008, said her stand on the issue remains firm now and ever.

She said she is all out for the pursuit of the peace talks between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation but stressed that the negotiations should be within the bounds of the Constitution and that the sentiments of the constituents of Zamboanga and other parts of Mindanao will be respected and appreciated.

Climaco is also keeping a tight watch on the developments on the peace talks issue, as the government and the MILF are set to meet in Jakarta, Malaysia to present their individual proposals on August 22.

She called on the people to remain vigilant and alert and of the developments on the issue. — Marvin Segura