City Legal reports: 1,000 illegal stalls inside public market PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 June 2017 16:14


Almost 1,000 illegal stalls are operating inside the main public market located just a stone’s throw away from City Hall.

This was revealed by City Legal Officer Atty Jesus Carbon who said that the figure is just half of what was earlier reported to him by the City Administrator’s office.

“According to the City Council there are 525 of them. In my talks with Mrs. Go (City Administrator) she said it’s 500.  But when I was the OIC Administrator for two months, we surveyed illegal vendors in the market and came up with almost 1,000 of them,” said Carbon.

The City Legal Office is asking the City Administrator to furnish the names of illegal vendors operating inside the main public market.

The request is in connection to a legal opinion being prepared by the City Legal Office on the illegal collection issue.

“We will render our opinion as soon as we get the list and that opinion will only apply to the people who are listed by the market supervisor duly certified by the City Administrator, for us to determine their disposition,” Carbon said.

The latest figure cited by the City Legal Office is not the first disparity reported between the former and the City Administrator’s office.

Last Monday, Atty Carbon criticized plans by the City Administrator to collect fees from vendors occupying illegal structures based on section 14 of the Market Code in an attempt to legitimize the stay of the vendors.

The alleged illegal collection was exposed during a City Council dialogue last week.  (Bhong Simbajon)