Universal: No strike in our company Print
Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:33

Universal Canning  has announced its continuous operations amid reports of a strike brought about by an incident involving 15 of its employees.

Universal Canning management has denied reportss a reported strike in their company saying that the latest incident involving its workers was merely a move by the latter to take two company vessels out to sea.

Police are still investigating reasons behind the incident last Monday where two company vessels were taken by 15 employees out to sea without prior authorisation from the company.

A Universal Management representative said that the fifteen workers took a vessel and even towed another broken boat at around 2pm last Monday without telling management.

Management was reportedly anxious since the group left without refuelling the boats and were thus worried that the vessels may just be left out at sea by the workers.

The representative said that the workers failed to heed repeated calls for them to come back to headquarters, prompting the former to seek assistance from authorities at around midnight.

Philippine Navy and Coast Guard personnel recovered the vessels along the coast of Basilan.

Workers reportedly reasoned that they took the boats to urge management to assign guards to go with them on fishing trips.

They were also reportedly sympathizing with other fellow workers who were accused of stealing diesel from the company.

Management however  found the workers’ explanations unacceptable and is presently contemplating on filing charges against its workers.

Meanwhile, management denied that the incident affected operations of the company saying that such only involves a small group of employees.

Vessel operations are now continuing after other personnel were tasked to take over from the 15 workers. (Liza Jocson)