Amendments on trike ordinance en route Print
Monday, 19 June 2017 14:23

A city councilor has vowed to propose amendments on the present tricycle code as complaints continue to flood social media sites on overcharging and other abuses.

This, as city government officials sit and wait helplessly for victims of overcharging to come to their offices and file complaints against erring tricycle drivers.

Councilor Jimmy Villaflores vowed to personally ride tricycles from areas where overcharging has been reported such as the local wharf, the airport and the bus terminal and use his experience as basis to propose amendments to the present franchise ordinance.

“Ojala man overcharge sila comigo para iyo mismo kanila man file complaint,” Villaflores said.

Villaflores is referring to provisions in the existing ordinance for members of the Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB) to wait for complaints filed by victims of various abuses before acting.

Villaflores promised to study possibilities on how the city government can help deter overcharging and other abuses even before these take place.

The city ordinance regulating the operation of tricycles in Zamboanga city has to be amended to empower the TAB and not just to wait for complaints before they can act, Villaflores said.

Complaints have flooded not only social media sites but text lines of media companies on various abuses done by some tricycle drivers in the city.

At least two groups of students have proposed computer program applications as a deterrent to overcharging practices by drivers.

City officials, in various interviews, however insist that complaints have to be received by their office before they can act against erring drivers.  (Liza Jocson)