PNP investigates two patients from Marawi Print
Monday, 19 June 2017 14:24


Authorities are investigating two patients at a Zamboanga del Sur hospital for testing positive for powder burns after arriving from Marawi city.

The two, who are among a group of thirteen individuals who arrived from Marawi city last Friday, were said to have sustained various injuries and confined at the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center.

Acting on the report, policemen led by Insp. Juvic Aballe under the supervision of Supt. Kiram Jimlani swooped down on the hospital to conduct profiling among the patients.

The 13 patients were identified as Junaid Dimarugong alias Ameodin Ameril, (critical condition,) Racma Macatuon Talib, (student,) of barangay Pagayawan, Salvador, Lanao del Norte, Lambo Ampaso Ameril, 42, (housewife,) Amerodin Capga Ameril, 42, (farmer,) Cosnia Talib, 63, (housewife,) Sanabae Saliling Macatuon, 55, (farmer,) of New Capitol, Marawi City, Yusoph Taha Halil, 42, Dima Ampaso Ali, 50, (farmer,) of New Capitol, Marawi City, Sapacan Sabar Talib, 50, (farmer and former barangay chairman of Salvador, Lanao del Norte,) Halil Saliling Ali, 30, tricycle driver of New Capitol, Marawi City, Mansawi Imam Gumobat, 46, (farmer) Huwarda Macatuon Talib, (housewife,) and Alanoden Macatuon Dimarugong, 24, driver, of Marawi City.

As per chemistry result on the paraffin test conducted on the patients, results showed that Junaid Dimarugong and Halil Saliling were positive for powder burns.

They were placed under police custody and are currently being investigated.

The 11 other patients were placed under close monitoring as they were still confined at the said hospital. – Dan Toribio