AVSEGROUP allays fears on another Maute attack PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 June 2017 17:13


The Aviation Security Group (AVSEGROUP) has allayed fears of widespread terror attacks following the circulation in social media of an Avsegroup document warning about possible assaults by the Maute and BIFF groups nationwide.

The document informs authorities about atrocities to be created by the Maute and BIFF terror groups in key cities on June 30, based on intelligence sources.

The document, dated June 18, was addressed to Aviation Security Group officials.

Aviation Security Group-9  Officer in Charge Supt Rico Bracamonte said that the document, as seen in social media, cannot be considered official since it lacks the signature of Airport security officials.

He however said that the Avsegroup is continuously validating the report to guard against any possible attack by the Maute group.

Meanwhile, security was also intensified at the Zamboanga International Airport to guard against any possible entry of Maute members.

Bracamonte said that they have stepped up measures from the airport’s entrance to the departure area for passengers.

Vehicles are subjected to thorough inspection.  Passengers are also subjected to frisking and strict baggage inspection prior to and after check in.

Bracamonte said that they have not monitored any entry of suspicious persons so far but are acting on reports about the entry of Maute group members in Zamboanga peninsula.

Bracamonte said that they take all reports seriously and coordinate with intelligence counterparts in the region. (Liza Jocson)