Man commits suicide in Camino Nuevo Print
Tuesday, 27 June 2017 17:19

Police are still investigating the reason behind the reported suicide of a man in Camino Nuevo last Sunday.

A Police Regional Office-9 report identified the victim as Mark Barcelon Davad, 24 years old, single and a resident of Camino Nuevo.

The report said that Davad’s body was found by neighbors reported the incident to the victim’s brother, Noel after they saw Mark hanging from a tree in the area.

Prior to the incident, Noel saw his brother at the old barangay hall of Camino Nuevo and even asked him for a cigarette.

That was the last time Noel saw his brother alive.

He was shocked to learn less than an hour later that his brother committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the area. (Dan Toribio)