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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 16:09


A Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC) nurse denied accusations of poor service in its emergency room and accused Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar of failing to follow medical protocol in the treatment of its patients.

The statement was given during a dialogue held by the City Council on ZCMC operations during its regular session yesterday.

Nurse Kimrex C. Plagata said that the incident happened after 21 victims of a vehicular accident in Culianan arrived at the ZCMC Emergency room at around 7:30pm last June 20.

Plagata said that medical personnel  immediately attended to the patients based on medical protocol such as getting pertinent information and vital signs.

The patients were undergoing tests and other procedures when Climaco arrived at the hospital at around 8:45pm.

“She was talking to them one by one and handing biscuits and packs of juice,” said Plagata.

During that time, Plagata said that there was no clearance yet from doctors that patients were allowed to eat.

Upon seeing the distribution of food and drinks, Plagata said that he approached the patients “in a calm manner” and told them that they were not allowed to eat.

The local chief executive reportedly heard the nurse and said “Cuanto hora ba se tan observe?”

The nurse said that they are supposed to wait for around 4 hours to be cleared by physicians.

Some of the patients nonetheless ate the food brought by the Mayor.

During the dialogue, Plagata explained that medical personnel prioritize the treatment of patients in the emergency room, making sure that they rule out any injuries to the brain, abdomen, and existing fractures that may lead to surgery.

He said that patients were not allowed to eat and drink for at least four hours after being brought in for observation in preparation for possible surgical intervention.

“Contrary to what the mayor said, that was not poor service. Right then and there, patients were given immediate service,” said Plagata.

Mayor Climaco reportedly apologized for not following medical protocol that time.  (Liza Jocson)