No Politics in Major Infra for Zambo Print
Friday, 30 June 2017 15:57


House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Highways chairman and Congressman Celso Lobregat downplays reproaches of politics in the implementation of ongoing and upcoming national government funded infrastructure projects in Zamboanga City.

In an interview with a local radio station, Congressman Lobregat said that our city is just very lucky under the Duterte administration to have a representative who is at the same time the chairman of the very vital committee on infrastructures in the national government which means a great opportunity for our city to acquire the necessary infrastructures for the people.

This was the reaction of the solon in the actions of the local government unit wherein he sighted two occasions the past months wherein the LGU is quite hesitant to support the national-funded projects and project proposals coursed through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the agency tasked to implement national projects.

The “body language” of the local chief executive speaks its position on certain issues like the local road conversions from local to national status and other coordination made by the DPWH wherein certain alibis are made clearly to delay the process and not that receptive at all.

“The major projects we are having now is beneficial to the people, I am doing this to help our city ease up traffic and provide structures to alleviate the lives and accessibility of our constituents, these are concrete solutions-there is no politics, we are elected and we should deliver by deeds,” Lobregat said.

Due to Lobregat’s influence and chairmanship in the public works committee, the approved appropriations for 2017 of projects to be implemented by DPWH in District 1 has increased to the amount to Php 1.6 Billion. This do not include Outside Projects which are still to be downloaded later this year. This amount of Php 1.6 Billion which is already higher than the 2016 appropriations that already include Outside Projects.

Recalled that the infrastructure projects implemented by the DPWH Regional Office shows a substantial increase from P352 Million in 2014 to P714 Million in 2015. Increasing further to P808 Million in 2016 and further increasing to Php861 Million in 2017:

Noted that there has been a very substantial increase in the appropriations of Regular Infrastructure Projects implemented by the DPWH District Engineering Office (DEO) from Php 207 Million in 2014 to Php 328 Million in 2015 to Php 418 Million in 2016. And from 2016 to 2017 there is a huge 78 percent increase of Php 327.1 million – from Php 418 million to Php 746 million in 2017. – Dexter Yap