Lamitan officials: Martial law good for us Print
Monday, 03 July 2017 16:55


More than a month after the declaration of Marial law, Lamitan city officials are saying that the edict had been good for their city.

Lamitan Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay said that military and police officials have no significant problems in security since residents themselves are following laws.

An example is the curfew hours for minors which have been followed by Lamitan residents.

“Martial law is not good for lawless criminals and rebels but it is good for law abiding citizens,”  Furigay said.

Furigay also lauded authorities for a decrease in crime rates,another incident attributed to the declaration of Martial law.

Parents are reportedly enjoying the declaration since their children go straight home after school, Furigay said.   (Allen Abastillas)