2 Indons arrested after presenting fake IDs PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 July 2017 16:57


Two Indonesian nationals and a Filipino were held for questioning after allegedly presenting falsified identification cards to management of a local hotel last Saturday.

The two Indonesian nationals were identified as Kunaefi Wahid y Madrukum, 40; and Untung Riyanto, 40; while their Filipino companion was identified as Nasser Tahil, 40, married and a resident of Tumaga.

Investigation showed that the two Indonesians and the Filipino arrived at the Micasa Hotel at around 5:30pm to check in.

Wahid presented his non-professional driver’s license claiming to be Filipino.

The management of the hotel however recalled an incident last December when the same person checked in at the hotel and introduced himself as an Indonesian.

Management called police who took the three individuals to the police station for further investigation.

Police are preparing charges for Falsification of Public Documents against the two Indonesians.  (Dan Toribio)