Fisherman suspected of being Malaysian, cleared Print
Thursday, 06 July 2017 10:23

A fisherman who was earlier suspected of being a Malaysian national was cleared and identified as a Zamboanga resident by police.

The man was identified as Salam Ismail y Sanuddin, 60 years old, fisherman and a native of Busay Sacol Island and residing in barangay Lubigan.

Ismail aroused the suspicion of Latuan residents while in the process of requesting for an identification card from the barangay.

A Police Regional Office-9 report said that the fisherman needed the ID to travel for health purposes.

Salam together with his wife and son in law were made to return to the Latuan barangay hall for at least two times, thus arousing the suspicion of residents.

Police however were able to identify Salam as a crew member of a boat owned by a Malaysian national identified as Hadji Manan.

Authorities are presently on alert and closely watching foreigners in the city in line with security measures to  strangers due to possible links with threat groups. (LAJ)