1,500 coco trees in San Roque infested with Cocolisap Print
Friday, 07 July 2017 11:37


A total of 1,500 coconut trees in San Roque have been infested with coconut scale insects, commonly known as Cocolisap, according to San Roque Barangay Captain Joselito Macrohon.

The figure represents half of the total number of coconut trees planted in the barangay.

The barangay is currently coordinating with the Philippine Coconut Authority to stop the spread of cocolisap in the area.

“No quiere kita un dia queda kita nohay ya ansina klase de fruta,” said Macrohon.

Last week, the PCA sent equipment such as electric drills, hand drills and other medicines to treat the disease.

Coconut farmers in the barangays immediately used the medicines in an effort to stop the disease from contaiminating other plants.

Macrohon said that the PCA has also given an orientation to farmers to safeguard their trees from being infested with coconut scale insects. (RGAAGo)