Terrorists to hostages: Steal or get killed Print
Friday, 07 July 2017 11:42

A hostage taken by Marawi terrorists has revealed orders by the group for them to loot and steal from abandoned structures inside the war zone.

The looting spree spearheaded by the Mautes made them amass more than P500-million in cash, jewelry and other valuable items from houses and buildings left by occupants inside Marawi city.

The P500-million in loot was declared by the group of one hostage alone, who said that the total amount could be more since hostages were divided into groups who were made to steal or be killed.

The hostages also revealed that they were made to follow a daily looting-stealing schedule.

The stolen items were brought to a central storage inside a mosque and received by designated Maute members who made a list for accounting purposes. (Westmincom)