12-year old victim mauls, kills “bully”" Print
Monday, 10 July 2017 11:33


A 12-year old child, who grew tired of being constantly bullied, reportedly mauled and killed his alleged attacker in Josefina municipality, Zamboanga del Sur last Friday.

The victim, Freddie, was a 13-year old grade 8 student of an elementary school in Josefina municipality, and a resident of Barangay Dawa, Josefina, Zamboanga del Sur.

The suspect, who admitted to the crime, was identified as Diego,  a 12-year old student of the same school who claimed to be bullied by the victim.

A Police Regional Office -9 report said that Diego confessed to the crime after being invited for questioning by personnel from the Josefina Municipal Police Station.  Police invited Diego for questioning after investigation showed that he was the last person seen with the victim.

The police report stated that the incident happened at around 2:45pm last Friday along the Barangay road and near a coconut drier where both suspect and victim took shelter from the heavy rains that afternoon.

Diego said that he mauled Freddie and hit him thrice on the forehead and the face using a piece of wood.

Diego then dragged the victim to the back of a gemilina tree to hide the body.

Freddie’s lifeless body was eventually discovered by his uncle last Saturday, a day after the victim went missing.

Diego told police investigators that he grew tired of the victim’s constant bullying everytime they saw each other.

“This constant bullying made him harbor so much hatred on the victim and resulted in the  killing,” said the police report.

The suspect, being a minor, was turned over to the Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer of Josefina Municipality. (Ely Dumaboc)