Five die from Dengue, alert level up Print
Tuesday, 11 July 2017 13:43


Dengue cases have reached the alert level after hundreds of patients have reportedly been infected with the disease last June.

City Health Officer (CHO) Dr Rodel Agbulos said that an outbreak of the disease is impending in the succeeding months of August and September should the local government fail in implementing measures to curb the upward trend of the disease.

Based on City Health records, the number of cases shot up from 180 cases in the month of May to 359 cases in June.

The CHO also recorded a total of five persons who succumbed to the disease.

The deaths happened in the months of January to March in the following barangays:  Culianan, Mercedes, San Jose, Tugbungan and Upper Calarian.

Agbulos said that the figures could have been worse if the city government had not implemented a citywide clean up drive on June 24.

Figures could have easily reached 600 to 700 cases if the city had not launched the clean up drive as part of mitigating measures to arrest the continuous rise in cases, Agbulos said.

He however said that measures to address the increase in cases should be intensified to stop the possibility of having an outbreak in the months of August and September.

Based on records, the months of August and September are months where the highest number of dengue cases are registered. (RGAAGo with reports from Liza Jocson)