TF Oplan Kandaw created to check on biz permits Print
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 16:09

A combined group of inspectors coming from agencies involved in the issuance of business licenses and permits has been created to check on businessmen’s compliance with licensing requirements and all other existing laws.

Dubbed as Task Force Oplan Kandaw, the group was formally created by Mayor Beng Climaco through Executive Order 275 and issued last June 27. The group has four mandated tasks most significant of which is to revoke business permit licenses for any violation of the conditions upon which said licenses or permits has been issued, pursuant to law or ordinances.

This, as regular inspections separately done by agencies concerned reveal that many business establishments in the city are operating sans permits and or without necessary clearances, licenses, authority or other permits required for the lawful, permissible and legal operation in all kinds of business.

Task Force Kandaw is tasked to ensure strict compliance with the business permit, licensing requirements, sanitation requirements, meat inspection requirements and illegal slaughterhouses, city planning requirements and other existing laws or ordinances of the city; tasked to conduct inspection of all business establishments to verify compliance with the required business permit, licenses and related fees, sanitary permit, building permit and other clearances; to issue, serve and implement warnings of violation and or closure orders against business establishments illegally operating in the city without a business permit and or without the necessary licenses, clearances or other permits required to legalize the operation of different lines of business.

The task force is chaired by Mayor Climaco with City Administrator Apple Go as vice chairperson and with Permits and Licensing Division Chief Benjie Barredo, City Legal officer Atty. Jesus Carbon Jr., Acting City Treasurer Romelita Candido, City Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos, OIC City Engineer Christopher Navarro, City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola, City Agriculturist Diosdado Palacat, City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Rodrigo Sicat, City Fire Marshall C/Insp. Clint Cha and ZCPO OIC P/Supt. Diomarie Albarico as members.

The creation of the task force is based on the mayor’s authority under the Local Government Code that mandates local government units to exercise the powers expressly and all powers necessary and are essential to the promotion of general welfare.

The mayor under the law is also authorized to issue licenses and permits and suspend or revoke the same for any violation of the conditions upon which said licenses or permits had been issued, pursuant to law or ordinances, to regulate business operations within its territorial jurisdiction for the protection of public welfare. (Sheila Covarrubias)