30 armed men, 2 ounded, sighted in La Paz PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 July 2017 14:37

A total of thirty armed men, two of who are wounded, were sighted in Kilometer 12, Fortunato, Upper La Paz last Friday morning.

A police report disclosed that a certain Alberto Solis y Ferrer, 29, told police that he was fixing a water hose outside his residence when he was approached by five armed men.

The men reportedly asked him if he knew where to find a certain “Manta” and “Commander Berto.”

Solis answered in the negative.

The men then ordered him to take off his upper clothing and enter the house.

Solis said that before going towads his house, he saw at least thirty other men carrying two of their wounded companions near the river.

He also saw the men use his upper clothing to cover the open wounds of their injured companions.

At around 12pm La Paz Barangay Chairwoman Arcelita Dalingay reported the incident to police.

Ayala Police Station personnel swooped down on the area but failed to confront the armed men.  (Dan Toribio)