3 killed in Sulu jailbreak PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 July 2017 11:51


Three detainees were killed while ten others were able to escape during a jail break at the Jolo Municipal Police Station at dawn yesterday.

A report from the Jolo police identified the fatalities as Julbig Alinjani, Budda Basali and Midzfar Sabli.

Gummi Maimbung was recaptured after being wounded during pursuit operations by authorities.

The ten detainees who are still under pursuit operations as of press time were Makrim Habbisi, Alsimar Basali, Nasir Maldam, Albin Alibasa, Julhaber Sariol, Benjie Pandoga, Mustafa Sarapuddin, Haber Kasim, Benjamin Kaser and Tano Hadjula.

A police report disclosed that the jail break took place at around 1:30 a.m. when more than 20 detainees bolted out of the detention cell.

Police were able to recapture some immediately.

Ten detainees however scampered in different directions and eluded arrest by authorities.

Information gathered by DZT disclosed that some of the escapees are members of the Abu Sayyaf Group.

Police and military are still on hot pursuit operations against the fleeing detainees. (Dan Toribio, with reports from Ely Dumaboc)