Malaysian nationals placed under police verification Print
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:53


Two Malaysian nationals who were reported to have entered the country illegally were placed under police verification.

The Malaysian nationals were identified as Abdulwajid Ibno y Mohammad, 38, married and Albarin Arabin y Arao, 44 years old, married.

Taluksangay Kagawad Hannah Macrohon Nuño turned over the two to the Culianan Police Station for investigation.

Initial investigation showed that the Malaysian nationals arrived in Zamboanga via the “back door” and stayed at the house of a certain Ustadz Appah in Taluksangay.

Culianan Police Station Commander Chief Inspector Elmer Solon said that the two Malaysians have become objects of verification since there is no evidence yet linking them to certain lawless groups.  (Dan Toribio)