CHO warns public against untreatable gonorrhea PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 July 2017 13:38


The City Health Office Reproductive Health and Wellness Center (CHO- RHWC) has warned the public against a strain of multi-drug resistant (MDR) Gonorrhea.

A City Health doctor said that they are monitoring patients who have been returning to their office frequently to check on the strain of gonorrhea that has infected them.

“We are monitoring conel pasyente si hende ya queda bueno y pirmi bira bira then we have to investigate because we do not want to be at that case, it would be very hard,” said Dr. Dulce Amor Dagalea- Miravite, RHWC Doctor.

The World Health Organization website states that three people from Japan, France and Spain are already infected with the MDR Gonorrhea strain.  Patients do not respond to any type of antibiotic being used to treat their sickness.

Dagalea also appealed to the public to be careful in taking antibiotics.

“We don’t just drink any antibiotic and toma like candy si quiere kita,” Dagalea said.

Based on health records, gonorrhea cases in Zamboanga can still be treated and patients respond to medication.

The CHO- RHWC registered 252 cases of gonorrhea in 2016 while a partial report for this year shows 2017 cases of the disease.  (RGAAGo)